Eli T. Mond Author Photo

Eli T. Mond is the pen name of David Davis, a writer, artist, and [eclectic Neopagan] mystic. Born in 1996 in Detroit, MI, he was exposed to the joys of literature early, when a family friend, and recent college graduate, gifted him a storage bin full of novels he no longer wanted. Excited, he rummaged through the bin and found a slew of books that would forever change his outlook on the world and the art of writing. Some of these included The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton, Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

Mond is best known—by at least a dozen people—for his quasi-(not quite neo)-formal writing style, which is often rife with mystical and mythological references. This style of verse can be seen in When Sight Was But A Sightless Thing, his debut chapbook.

Among these things, Eli T. Mond is also the Founding Editor of The Ibis Head Review, a quarterly literary publication, and has had work published in various journals.