Debut Chapbook Out Now

Inspired by mystical literature, world mythology, and the occult, When Sight Was But A Sightless Thing uses the age-old medium of poetry to explore the forces that dwell beyond our corporeal senses; the voices heard in silent places, and the things perceived when all our physical eyes can see is darkness.

Praise for When Sight Was But A Sightless Thing

“Beautifully riddled with such divinity and humanity that no holy book or scripture can rival. Eli T. Mond effortlessly proves just how small, yet significant we are in such an infinite universe.”
— Arielle Tipa: New York-based poet & Founding Editor of OCCULUM
“[Mond’s] inclination towards questioning the Universe while simultaneously standing in awe of it is what allows these poems to pivot gracefully and brilliantly.”
— Heath Brougher: Author of About Consciousness & co-editor at Into The Void
“Eli T. Mond’s new book ... is like a sacred advertisement written with eloquent panache and emblematic flair."
— Rus Khomutoff: Brooklyn based Neo-Surrealist poet & author of Immaculate Days