Remembering Oblivion (forthcoming in peculiars issue one)

The Death of a Dancer (Crack the Spine: Anthology XVII, August 2018)

Remembrance (Blood Sugar Poetry, April 2018)

The Cathartic Nature of Black Holes (Blood Sugar Poetry, April 2018)

A Meditation on the Burning Earth (Lyceum, Winter 2018)

The Great Sublime (Lyceum, Winter 2018)

The Libertine (OTHER. Magazine, Spring 2018)

Exodus in the Red (Lyceum, Fall 2017)

Things of and From the Night (Lyceum, Winter 2017)

The Progeny: A Corruption of Mortal Creation (OCCULUM, July 2017)

The Serpent That Calls The Marsh (OCCULUM, July 2017)

The Death of a Dancer (Crack the Spine, Issue 225)

Do You Know When I'm Smiling (Scrittura Magazine, Issue 9)

Revelations: My Magick (Pour Vida Zine, Fall 2017)

Mr. A (Lyceum, Winter 2016)

The Dinner Bell (Lyceum, Winter 2016)

Before the Death of Freedom (Lyceum, Winter 2016)

"Here" (Lyceum, Summer 2016)

Where No Water Went (Lyceum, Fall 2016)

That Journey (Open Your Eyes: A Poetry Anthology, June 2016)

Apprentice, Now Free (Sick Lit Magazine, July 2016)

Voluntati Ignis (Young Raven's Literary Review, Issue 5)


Those of the Red* (Michigan's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, August 2018)

Silent Night (Lyceum, Summer 2017)


"About Consciousness" by Heath Brougher: Review (Ragzine, November 2017)

The Hermetic Significance of Donald Trump (in5d.com, January 2017)

A Letter from the Editor (The Ibis Head Review, Issue 1.1)

The Ibis Head (The Ibis Head Review, Issue 1.1)


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