Time has seen the Divine Feminine either perverted to satisfy the imperious standards of patriarchal systems (i.e., the violent demonization of Pagan Goddesses by Abrahamic authorities) or hidden from the public in an attempt to remove female roles of power from history (i.e., the erasure of Kohenet from mainstream Jewish tradition).

Using poetry and more recently visual art as mediums, my goal is to act as an ally in the conversation surrounding the reclamation of Feminine power in society. I wish to use my work as a means to express my personal connection to the often overlooked Goddess energy present in Nature, and in turn, remind people of the countless ways in which powerful women (mortal and immortal alike) have personally shaped the very civilizations we cherish today.

It was with this principle in mind that I created these two pieces, abstractions of the Ancient Sumerian Goddesses Inanna (The Queen of Heaven) and her sister Ereshkigal (Queen of the Great Earth or Underworld). Both works were created using a mixture of acrylic paint and beer, a supposedly divine drink used as an offering in various Sumerian religious ceremonies.