Inspired by the work of André Masson, Hilma af Klint, and Joan Miró, this ongoing series draws on the surrealist tradition of automatic drawing, where the artist’s hand is free to move across a surface, guided only by the faculties of the unconscious mind. In the process of creating these pieces, a beginning point was decided and I simply drew until I no longer felt compelled to draw.

At that point, I would go back and fill in many of the empty spaces left behind, my only [self-imposed] limitation being I would only fill in two connected spaces if they were connected at a corner. This rule gave the process a strong sense of consequence, as filling in a particular space would immediately disqualify another space from being selected. Aside from this rule, the act of choosing which voids to color in was somewhat random, allowing figures and ideas to materialize on their own.

These conscious choices are why I named this series ‘Semiautomatics’, as I wanted to acknowledge the merging of intentional thought onto otherwise unconscious “compositions.”